… to the website of the Plant Interactions Ecophysiology Group at the Department of Biology at the University of Konstanz.


Woody pirates fighting off potential competition while treasure hunting for nitrogen,            by Sabine Deviche (Deviche Designs)


Our mission

Global change, such as climate change and/or biological invasions of species, has severe consequences on forest ecosystems. Facing these challenges and the accompanying ecosystem changes, more detailed knowledge on the basic processes and underlying mechanisms is required to understand ecosystem functioning. We develop and deploy state-of-the-art approaches and cutting-edge methodology to understand the responses of forest ecosystems to the environment.


Our vision

We envision a biodiverse and sustainable world.
To help achieve this, we strive to
1) understand the ecological and physiological responses of plants and ecosystems to  climate and other environmental changes,
2) provide the scientific basis to develop strategies to support ecosystems and humankind to reverse or adapt to these changes.



credits: logo by emily369 on fiverr / title photos by Judy Simon & Pascal Stroh