Past projects

Consequences of competition and abiotic stress on the acquisition and internal allocation of nitrogen in temperate woody species (2017-2021)
New transparent soil microcosms for live assessment of competiton for nitrogen in the rhizosphere (2018-2020)
Belowground functional traits of plants as drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem functions (2017-2020)
Rhizosphere processes in forests (2019)
Woody plant interactions (2018)
Influence of mycorrhizae on the competition for different nitrogen sources in deciduous tree species (2017-2019)
Competition for nitrogen between woody species and invasive grasses (2016-2017)
Plant interactions in the rhizosphere of forest ecosystems (2015-2017)
Intra- and interspecific competition for different nitrogen sources in a temperate forest community (2015-2016)
Consequences of insect mass outbreaks on tree nutrition of pine trees (2014-2017) 
Competition for nitrogen in (sub-) tropical forests (2014-2016) 
Plant invasions – Competitive advantage due to higher N use efficiency or optimised acquisition strategies? (2013-2016) 
Effects of climate change on the competition for nitrogen in temperate forest ecosystems (2011-2014)
Influence of water and nitrogen availability on the competition between European beech and sycamore maple for soil nitrogen sources (2010-2014)
Competitive patterns of N partitioning between plants and microorganisms in intact plant-soil-systems (2010-2013)
The significance of NO and CO2 as signal substances in the competition for nitrogen between beech and soil microorganisms (2009-2014)
Root N uptake of wheat cultivars in AGFACE (2011-2012)
Identification of drought-tolerant beech proveniences using molecular genetic and physiological markers (2013-2014) 
Influence of phenolic compounds on tree herbivory by the beaver in different tree species (2011-2013) 
N uptake in degraded forest ecosystems in the Qinling mountains (2011-2012) 
Influences of air warming and / or drought on different oak species and provenances (2009-2012)
Effects of drought stress on nitrogen uptake and metabolism in European beech (2008-2012)
The significance of N uptake and metabolism by beech roots for the competition for N in the rhizosphere (2006-2009)