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In the media

30/06/2021 – Wie wirkt der Klimawandel auf die Wälder?

article in a local newspaper  (p. 4) on our research on the adaptation of beech forests to climate change (project NaWi) 


23/09/2018 – Getting to the roots of forest sustainability

2-page editorial on the Woody PIRATS project in the autumn issue of EUresearch magazin


26/04/2018 – Visualising belowground competition between trees

Heisenberg Fellow PD Dr. Judy Simon from the University of Konstanz receives funding from the Volkswagen Foundation for the development of a system to visualise the competition for nitrogen in trees


04/01/2018 – Scientists question old paradigms on tannin interactions with organic nitrogen compounds and enzymes

compilation of work by Judy Simon, Bartosz Adamczyk and colleagues on tannin interactions


20/06/2017 – Competition in native forests?

Konstanz biologist PD Dr. Judy Simon receives Heisenberg fellowship